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Lantern is an open-access search and visualization platform of over 800,000 pages of digitized books and magazines from the histories of film, broadcasting, and recorded sound. It is co-run by the Media History Digital Library and the University of Madison-Wisconsin Department of Communication Arts.



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DocumentCloud is both a repository of primary source documents and a tool for document-based investigative reporting, kind of a like an online card catalog for primary source documents. It is designed specifically for journalists- when you upload a document to DocumentCloud, you can annotate it, share it with colleagues in your newsroom or beyond your newsroom, view lists of people and places named in it, plot the dates it contains on a timeline and more.

Everything you upload to DocumentCloud stays private until you’re ready to make it public, but once you decide to publish, your documents join thousands of other primary source documents in their public catalog. Use their document viewer to embed documents on your own website and introduce your audience to the larger paper trail behind your story.

DocumentCloud contains court filings, hearing transcripts, testimony, legislation, reports, memos, meeting minutes, and correspondence. It is free to join!


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