Food Writing

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Definitions and history of food and drink terms and culinary techniques

Finding Newspaper Articles


  • Search the food section of newspapers; section search option is available under SHOW
  • Search the blogs category to pick up food and New York-centric blog entries (Gothamist, etc.)
  • Search New York Newspapers for local restaurant reviews and food articles.

Finding Magazine Articles


  1. Only a few databases cover the popular magazines, such as Gourmet and Bon Appetit. If you need to find an article from a popular magazine (not a scholarly article), try the places recommended below.
  2. Some magazines, such Saveur, are not indexed by any database. You may have to rely on that magazine’s website to identify articles.
  3. NYU Libraries may not have extensive holdings for some of these magazines, and the full-text may not be available online. To get an article, it may be necessary to interlibrary loan or check to see if NYPL owns the magazine.

These are the databases that cover popular and/or food magazines:

Writing Guidelines


Finding Books

  • For books, search BobCat
  • Do a subject search (Phrase Search > enter official subject heading (below) > choose Subject (LCSH))
  • Try searching for the following subject headings: cookery; food writing; cooks (for biographies)

Food and Cookery Collections


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Finding Experts Real Estate

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