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Getting Started: Reference Sources

  • Quick Reference Sources
    Lists useful reference sources by category (ex. biographies, directories, etc.). Many are [NYU-Only].
  • CQ Public Affairs [NYU-ONLY]
    Provides in-depth reporting on issues. Great for covering controversial topics.
  • Fedstats
    Topical gateway to statistics collected by the government.

Finding Biographical Info

  • Ancestry Library[NYU-Only]
    Provides basic info (addresses, birth/death dates), etc. for individuals in the US. Draws from census and other mailing directories.
  • Marquis Who’s Who [PRINT]
    These guides provide basic biographical information. These can be useful for less well-known field. Numerous Who’s Whos in different fields are published. To find Who’s Who, search for Who’s Who as a title in Bobcat.
  • Biography Resource Center [NYU-Only]
    Provides access to articles and full-text entries for individuals. (Better for well-known people.)

Finding News

  • LexisNexis [NYU-Only]
    For more LexisNexis search tips see the LexisNexis post.
  • Factiva [NYU-Only]
    Like LexisNexis, Factiva covers tons of news sources. There is overlap, but Factiva tends to be better on the trades.

    • TIPS–Use the hlp command to tell it to find your keywords in the Headline Lead Paragraph Ex. hlp=nolita
    • Click on Custom to see all of the searchable field abbreviations.
    • Use the Region menu to limit your search to sources/articles identified with that region.
  • EthnicNewsWatch[NYU-Only]
    Includes ethnic newspapers. Note some newspapers may be non-English.

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